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Question for Vision 111Questions and Answers

If you can't find your answer, please contact Vision 111.

Vision 111 wants to make absolutely sure you are completely satisfied. Period!

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How does the purchase and downloading process work?

Where is that e mail with the downloading information?
What if I don't have or don't want a PayPal account? Can I pay by check or money order?
.MOV, .WMV, or .MPG: Which do I download?
Which format is best for me?
Which size (aspect ration) is best for me?
Why must I choose between .MOV, .WMV, or .MPG with very large bundles?
What do I do with the media files after downloading them?
None of the three file formats seems to work on my system. What's next?
Can I share, loan, or give a video to another church or ministry (even if I'm finished with it)?
Where else can I acquire Vision 111 products?

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How does the purchase and downloading process work?

1. Select the items you want to purchase by clicking the appropriate "Add to Cart" button(s). You can either "proceed to checkout" or "continue shopping."

2. When you are ready to check out, click the "View My Shopping Cart" button at the top or bottom of a page.

3. Check the items in your shopping cart carefully, making corrections if necessary, and then click "Proceed to checkout"

4. You may pay with a credit card or a PayPal account if you have one (or want to create one). Either is done through the PayPal interface that appears during check out and the cost is the same. It is completely up to you. Both methods are secure and handled through PayPal's convenient services. By utilizing PayPal, Vision 111 never has possession of or access to your financial information. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please e mail and arrangements will be made for payment and your download delivery.

5. After making your purchase you will receive two e mails. One will be a receipt/invoice from Pay Pal. Please print and keep for your records. The other will be a message containing your download information. NOTE: If you do not receive either e mail, please kindly check your junk mail/spam folder.

6. Open your browser and go to the web address as directed in the second e mail. When prompted, enter your e mail and the password provided. You should see a listing of your downloads, current and past purchases (provided you are using the same e mail address with all purchases).

7. Select a download title (.zip file) and when prompted, choose "save." Enter the location on your computer you would like to save the .zip file containing your media downloads. The download should take from a few seconds to several minutes depending on the file size and your connection speed.

8. Extract your media files from the .zip file. This is done usually by double clicking or right clicking and choosing "extract files" and indicating the location on your hard drive to which you want the files to be extracted. (You can relocate them afterwards if you haven't made a permanent storage folder for them yet. See "What do I do with media files after downloading?" below for more).

9. Files can be viewed by double clicking or right clicking and selecting play. However, your presentation software (MediaShout, Pro Presenter, etc.) is the place where you really ought to check them out. They often play much better there.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact Vision 111 by e mail or calling 317-450-0606. We will respond as soon as we get your message and make sure your satisfaction is totally complete.

Where is that e mail with downloading information?

You should get that e mail almost immediately after purchase (in addition to the e mail receipt from Pay Pal). If you do not see it, please check your junk mail/spam or deleted folder in your e mail program (if it's there, let you e mail program know that it's not junk and this hopefully will not happen again). If you just can't find it or did not receive it, e mail Ken at Vision 111, and we'll make arrangements to get you your files quickly one way or another.

What if I don’t have or don't want a Pay Pal account?

You don’t need one. Vision 111’s billing is done through Pay Pal which allows you set up an account or simply pay with a credit card without setting up a Pay Pal account. The choice is yours. If you just don't want to use or don't have a credit card, that's fine too. Please e mail and I'll send you the downloads you need and allow you to pay with check or money order through the mail...whatever's best for you.

.Mov, .Wmv, or .Mpg. Which do I download?

Fortunately with most downloads, Vision 111 provides all three in a .zip file. Once extracted from the .zip file, any of the three versions can be used according to what performs the best on your particular system. A big advantage is that many churches use more than one kind of operating system. The worship department may use MS Windows in the worship center while the youth department uses Macs in their part of the building. By the way, using differently formatted files, or making multiple copies of the same file is perfectly fine so long as an individual purchase is used only at an individual local church or ministry location.  The only time all three formats are not bundled in one download, is with larger video bundles. Including all three formats in one bundle sometimes makes the .zip file too large to be easily transferred over the internet. When this is the case, you will see three separate “add to cart” buttons for the same product labeled with the corresponding format type. If you are unsure, please download the free media files of the month with all three formats to see which works best for your situation. If you purchase one of these bundles and need one of the other formats, please e mail Vision 111 and arrangements will be made to make them available, fee of charge of course. Please do not share “extra” formats of videos you are not using with other churches or ministries. Videos are purchased with a “one title per church” understanding. The same title in a different format does not qualify as a separate or “sharable” purchase. Vision 111 tries to make its products as inexpensive as possible and is willing to work with you to achieve success. Please do not share titles with other ministries so that Vision 111 may continue to provide quality resources at a great price for ministry in media. If you need more of an explanation, please kindly see Exodus 20:15. Thanks.

Which format is best for me?

video formatsIf only this were an easier question to answer! There are literally hundreds of standards and thousands of variations possible when it comes to video on computers. Vision 111 makes available three basic file types (in fact all three with most downloads), identifiable by the three letter extension at the end of the file name. By the way, some operating systems (Microsoft Windows for instance) often come with the file extensions hidden from view and one must change the preferences in the operating system in order to see this part of a file name. Video files with the .mov extension (BlueMarbleLeft.mov for example) are in the Quick Time (Apple/Mac) format. Files with a .wmv extension (BluemarbleLeft.wmv) are in the Windows Media format. And, files with .mpg at the end (BluemarbleLeft.mpg for example) are in a format known as mpeg (pronounced em-peg). By the way, Vision 111 uses MPEG2 compression with the .mpg extension. One of these should most likely work with your system. Double clicking on a downloaded file should launch a movie viewer of some type and allow you to see the file play. This is NOT always the best way to view a file. To see how it will play in your presentation software (MediaShout, Easy Worship or Pro Presenter for instance), actually view the video in your presentation software on the system upon which you intend to present it. This is very important because of the tremendous and confusing variety of video codecs (short for compressor/decompressor) out there today coupled with the unique hardware/software configuration every system possesses and other assorted variables. You can download a video called Vision Test from Vision 111. It is a .ZIP file with all three formats included so that you can experiment and find the format that works best for you. Or, get our FREE DWONLOAD(S) of the MONTH and see how they run. Please notify us if you see anything amiss. Thanks.

Which size (aspect ratio) is best for me?

In addition to coming in three formats (.mov, .wmv, .mpg), most Vision 111 downloads also come in two sizes or aspect ratios, standard and wide screen. Standard screen size, sometimes referred to as "SD," has a 4:3 aspect ratio. That means it is 4 parts wide and 3 parts tall. Common screen pixel sizes are 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, or 1280x1024 (the middle two are probably the most common). Wide screen, sometimes referred to as "HD," has a 16:9 aspect ratio meaning it is 16 parts wide and 9 parts tall. Common wide screen pixel sizes for widescreen projectors and televisions are 1280x720 (most widescreen projectors are this size output) or 1920x1080 (some HD TVs go this high).
Aspect Ratio IllustrationThe Good News: Vision 111 provides standard and widescreen versions of many downloads. Still images come in 1024x768 which fits all 4:3 screens; and 1920x1080 for all 16:9 screens. Video comes in 720x480 (and in rare cases 640x480) which fits 4:3 screens; and 1280x720p which fits all 16:9 screens. Matching the size exactly is not the important thing because your projector software should scale the video to the proper size. Matching the aspect ratio is important if you want the image to "max out" all of your projection area.
More Good News: All of that being said, widescreen media can be projected via standard systems and standard aspect ratio media can be used on wide screen systems. Usually the best way to do this is to have your projection software fit the image or video to the screen size without stretching it to fit exactly. With this method there will be bars (presumably black if your background color is set to black) at either the top and bottom or left and right of your screen respectively. Most people today (a time in which we are in between screen size standards) are used to seeing these bars and it is generally a better option than distorting the screen to fit exactly (people look either tall and thin or short and fat when distorted ...black bars are better). With many backgrounds, especially abstract designs, distortion is not a factor since nobody knows whether it is too wide or tall anyhow. But, if media is going to be projected wide screen, it is best to go with the wide screen media downloads (there won't be a loss of resolution or "up scaling" involved).
Still More Good News: Vision 111 doesn't charge more for wide screen! Why should you pay a premium because you are on the cutting edge? Vision 111 thinks you should be rewarded for being an "early adopter."
Even Better News: Vision 111 Savings Bundles come with both standard and widescreen aspect ratio files (where both are available)! And, you don't pay more because both formats are included. It's just a perk for purchasing the bundle as well as the saving big bucks part!
Perhaps the Best News: (regarding this subject at least): If you download a file and it's the wrong aspect ratio (or format for that matter) or you upgrade to a widescreen system in the future, just e mail Vision 111 and we'll make available to you the other size (or format) downloads you need free of charge, provided the files come in the other size to begin with (and many do)! In other words, you can't go wrong. Why does Vision 111 provide this service? Because a tenet of Vision 111's way of doing business is to treat customers the way we want to be treated when we're one. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed with Vision 111.
And beyond that: If you have questions, e mail and we'll figure it out together. Please include the particulars (projection screen and projector size, etc.) and how and when to contact you by phone if necessary. Please don't be bashful...if you have a question, and there are no silly questions, please ask! Vision 111 wants to help however possible.

Perhaps THE MAIN THING to remember when selecting aspect ratio size is to pick the download size ratio that matches up with your projector and screen, NOT THE COMPUTER RUNNING THE PROJECTION SOFTWARE. It is very common to see desktop monitors and laptops with wide aspect ratio screens running presentations on standard aspect ratio projectors and projection screens. What matters is the final output, not the projection computer. Of course your presentation software should be set to supply the correct resolution (like 1024x768 or 1280x720 for instance) to your projector regardless of what your computer's screen resolution is. Again, contact Vision 111 if you have questions or download the wrong size or format. We'll get it right.

Why must I choose between between .mov, .wmv, or .mpg formats with very large bundles? Or, Why don't I get all three formats with some bundles like I do for many Vision 111 downloads?

Some of the the bundles offered by Vision 111 get crazy large (and are a crazy value that way as well). Because the size of these larger .zip files, it is more practical to break them up into smaller pieces and offer a bundle for each of the three formats offered. When more than one "Add to Cart" button is available for a single product, please choose carefully when clicking, making sure to select the best format for your needs. If you are unsure, Vision 111 offers free media each month, you can use to see which format works best for your situation. Please be sure to test the formats on the system and presentation software you will be using. If you download a large bundle and, for whatever reason, realize that you need another of the formats offered (or aspect ratio size), please e mail Ken at Vision 111 and we will make arrangements to deliver it to you free of charge. Please do not hesitate to ask.

What do I do with media files after downloading them?

A “zip” file (with 3 formats) is downloaded to your computer (except with a few of the larger bundles in which you must choose the format when you add them to your shopping cart). When asked, choose “save” and indicate where on your computer you want the file(s) to be placed. It is good to have a folder already prepared for this and a downloads folder right on your desk top is a good idea. You can later move the files to another spot on your hard drive (perhaps a videos folder with thoughtfully named sub folders for different kinds or genres of video). Unzip (extract) the files bundled together in the zip file and notice the file extensions and/or unique icon pictures which will distinguish the various file types (.mov, .wmv, or .mpg). Open your presentation software and follow the procedure for adding a video or video background (according to the presentation software maker’s instructions) and, when prompted for the file, navigate to the folder on your hard drive where you stored the file(s). Test it by playing it in the presentation. As media files accumulate fast, it is a very good idea to store them in a logical, easy to find spot on your hard drive. Main folders for video, graphics, audio, etc. can then have sub-folders such as “Sermon Starters,” “Music Videos,” “Countdowns,” “Still Backgrounds,” etc. Then sub-folders under those folders will further help keep things organized with topical titles such as “Christmas,” “Crosses,” or “Humorous.” Think about a storage organization strategy, develop the system by creating the folders and sub-folders, and stick with it. Why? It is important with many presentation software programs to leave a media file in its place undisturbed. Moving it to a new location may cause your presentation software to lose track of the file and it might not be able to find it the next time it tries to access it causing you to have to "inform" it where the file is now located. One other suggestion is that you back up your video files to another computer and/or CDs/DVDs/External Hard Drive, etc. and keep them in a different room or even a different building than the presentation computer. Vision 111 allows you several downloads of the same file so you can replace them should they get lost or accidentally deleted for instance. If this is ever a problem or you’ve run out of downloads, contact Vision 111.

None of the three file formats seems to work on my system. What’s next?

Despite the vast number of combinations possible with file formats, video compression codecs (short for compressor/decompressor), and variations available (none of this stuff do you really need to know to use a video thankfully), one of the three formats provided will probably play on your system. However, it does occasionally happen that none of them work especially with freshly installed presentation software or when acquiring video from a new distributor for the first time. First, determine if any other video files with the same extension work. If so, the problem is either with the file itself or the system’s inability to read and play that file. If other files (from other sources) with that file extension will not work either, it is most likely a missing video codec on your system or you are in need of video driver or software updates, etc. Calling your presentation software’s tech support is advised. They will be keenly aware of what you need to play various media types with their software. It often involves downloading a video codec (the software decoder that interprets a video files compression scheme). Codecs are available for free (in fact www.free-codecs.com is a popular place to acquire them), often in bundled packs and your software provider should be able to recommend the proper download for you. Another possibility may be a bad file or download of that file. If you have contacted your presentation software provider and still are experiencing problems, Vision 111 may be able to help you get to the bottom of things. Please e mail with the problem and Ken will e mail or call you back as soon as possible (please provide phone numbers and times when it is okay to call...I'm on Eastern US time). And, if we just can’t work out a solution, Vision 111 will gladly refund your purchase price or supply you with free replacement(s), and something for your trouble (aka free stuff). Please do not hesitate to contact Vision 111.

Can I share, loan, or give a video to another church or ministry (even if I'm finished with it)?

No, please don’t. Vision 111 endeavors to provide quality materials at low prices and whatever support we might be able to offer. By offering downloadables at such low prices, “making it up in volume” is Vision 111's only hope of remaining viable as a media provider to churches and ministries. Most products take several hours to produce and some projects take days or even weeks to complete. Products are sold with a “one title per once local church or ministry” understanding. As a worship leader, I have been approached by people after a service asking if they might “borrow” that video to show at their church. When this happens to you, please refer them to www.vision111.com or have them e mail Vision 111. So they won’t think you are an unreasonable and stingy ole curmudgeon, let them know that you are “contractually obligated to not share or give away any videos you have purchased.” If the low prices are still too high for any ministry, please contact Vision 111 and we’ll work out something. If you still need further explanation regarding why you shouldn't share files, please kindly see Exodus 20:15. Thanks.

Where else can I acquire Vision 111 products?

Vision 111 only allows its products to be sold through merchants it knows, trusts, and would recommend. Honestly, Vision 111 would prefer you purchase its products from this web store. Our profit is a little higher and your price is almost always the best. Individual products are always less expensive here (unless a mistake has been made like a typo). Rarely, for instance, a bundle on one of the sites Vision 111's products are offered might be lower through a special or different bundle than offered here. If you find such a situation, please contact Vision 111 to see if a similar or better offer can be acquired through Vision 111. Further, at least for the time being, Ken Keifer, Vision 111's originator, offers only products that he has produced himself. Therefore, if there are any problems with a product, you can receive attention from the one who knows the product best and can advise or fix the problem first hand. That being said, you may contact Ken regarding any Vision 111 products regardless of where you made your purchase. Even though I'd rather you purchase directly from Vision 111, I whole-heartedly endorse, recommend, and am grateful to the other sources that offer V111 products.

Sermon Spice LogoMany of Vision 111's products, especially videos, are offered exclusively (except for being available here) by SermonSpice.com and their associates. From the SermonSpice home page choose the "Producers List" link and then choose one of the "Vision 111" links. Currently two links to Vision 111 appear on the producer's list. One, "Vision 111 (E)" has products exclusively found on SermonSpice (other than being available here as well) and the other ("Vision 111" without the "(E)" after it) is a smaller list, mostly Christmas video media, that is also available elsewhere.


Worship House Media and the Easy Worship store are two places one can acquire Vision 111's media. Clicking on either of these links will take you to media offered by Vision 111 on their fine sites.

Vision 111 is pleased and thankful to have media consistently ranked in SermonSpice.com's weekly Top 100 and Top 10 Backgrounds listings. Vision 111's background "Lightning Night" was honored by being selected as Sermon Central's Pro Video of the Week in April, 2009. Thanks to Vision 111's customers and praise the Lord!

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Vision 111. Thanks.

Do not steal.
-Exodus 20:15