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Sharing Products

Please do not share or loan media products to other organization, ministries or churches. Products are sold with the understanding that media purchased is for use by one local church, ministry, organization, or individual. You may make copies to use within the purchasing local church or organization, for instance one for the youth group Mac and one for the worship center PC, for back up, etc.


Videos are not sold as royalty free and any usage for resale must have the prior approval of Vision 111. This does not apply to tapings of services and like productions. Media may not be resold as a media product (for example incorporated "as is" into another background collection, etc). Please contact Vision 111 if you have any questions. We will not be unreasonably restrictive with usage, even for commercial purposes, but we do want to know about it before such usage and grant approval to do so, please. Thanks.

When asked...

If someone inquires about using the video at their church or in their ministry, please refer them to www.vision111.com. Thanks!