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National Parks Worship Background MediaSave Money

Worship Backgrounds captured from some of the most beautiful places in all the world, America's National Parks!

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Wyoming, USA

Like no two places on earth, these iconic US national parks, with only a short drive separating them, are also very different one from another. From the 7000 foot vertical rise of the Tetons to Yellowstone's amazing and bizarre geology, everyone should see these places at least once in their lifetime. Packed with a plethora of geologic and natural wonders, their landscapes make for amazing and beautiful geothermal, mountain, wildlife, river, waterfall backgrounds and more.

The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." -Psalms 53:1

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"Sunrise at the Fishing Cone" Long-play Loop (SD) 4:44 - $6.00

The sun rises over the Absaroka Mtns. on the far side of Yellowstone Lake as the Fishing Cone, a thermal feature in the West Thumb Geyser Basin, spurts hot water and spews steam into the foggy air. Two diving ducks swim past in part of the scene. The Fishing Cone is named from stories of fishermen from days gone by who would lower a trout into the cone to cook ...right on the fishing line!

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"O Give Me a Home" Long-play Loop (SD)
4:11 - $6.00

Just after sunrise along "Mormon Row" in Grand Teton National Park. A large buffalo herd in morning migration moves in front of the Cathedral Group of the Grand Teton Range, arguably the most picturesquely iconic mountains in the US because of their unusually steep rise from the bottom (Jackson Hole) below. You may recognize them from the 1950’s western, “Shane.”

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"Cascade Creek Compilation" Long-play Loop (SD) 3:00 - $6.00

On the trek to Hidden Falls in the Grand Tetons Nat'l Park, and after crossing Jenny Lake, one hikes up Cascade Creek. This beautiful cataract of fast-flowing water meanders in and out of the light on a sunny July day. It makes the hike up to Hidden Falls seem at least half as long with its beautiful combination of turbulence and tranquility.

Yellowstone/Grand Teton Nat'l Parks
Bundle - Three Longplay Loops - $9.00

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