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Motion Backgrounds: Crosses, Crown of Thorns, Easter, Etc.

New for Easter
Easter and Palm Sunday Media
Cross Flow Backgrounds
Cross Flow
Collection (23 total)
Crown and Cross Backgrounds
Crown and Cross
Collection (6)
3 on a Hill Backgrounds
3 on a Hill
Cape Henry Cross Backgrounds Collection
Cape Henry Cross Collection (15)
Stained Glass Visione
Stained Glass Vision Collection (8)
Crystal Cross collection
Crystal Cross Collection
Misc Cross Backgrounds
Misc. Cross
Motion Backgrounds
Crosses Three Worship Background Loops
Crosses Three Motion Backgrounds (12)
Stone Cross Worship Background Loops
Stone Cross Motion Backgrounds (5)
Flowing Cross Worship Background Loops
Flowing Cross Motion Backgrounds (5)
Plum Sky Worship Background Loops
Plum Sky Motion Backgrounds (4)
Misc Cross Backgrounds
Criss-Cross Motion Backgrounds (8)

Motion Backgrounds: Holidays, Special Occasions, & Seasons

Worship or Winter Wedding Background
Motion & Still Media
New for Easter
Easter and Palm Sunday Media
Art Globe Backgrounds Collection
Memorial Day and July 4th Media
Blue Marble Earth Golbes
Mother's Day
Videos and Stills
Fall Leaves and Water Worship Backgrounds
Autumn Motion and Still Media
Halloween Backgrounds
Halloween Motion and Still Media
Annuncement Background Loops
"Announce" Loops for Announcements (12)

Motion Backgrounds: Globes, Maps, Flags, Etc.

Blue Marble Earth Golbes
Blue Marble Collection (23)
Blue Marble Globes Widescreen HD
Blue Marble Wide Screen (720p) Collection (13)
Land Masses Only Globes
Land Masses Only Globes (14)
Art Globe Backgrounds Collection
Art Globe (9)
(painting look)
US Flags and Americana
US Americana and Flags (still & motion)


Motion Backgrounds: Landscape (for Still Landscapes click here)

Lightning Night
Sky and Weather Motion Backgrounds
National Parks Background Collections
Waterfall's Shimmering Brim
Bloom Collection
Bloom Collections Stills & Loops (30)
Bloom Collection
Tulip-topia Motion, Stills & Countdown
Fall Leaves Worship Backgrounds
Autumn Motion Loops and Stills

Motion Abstracts (Moabs)

Nebulous Abstract Worship Background LoopsNebulous Motion Abstracts (3)
Liquids Motion Abstracts
Liquids Motion Abstracts (11)
Liquids Motion Abstracts
Flowing Curtains Abstracts (6)
Abstract Motion Background Loop for Worship
Smoky Gridscapes
You get HD and SD!
Abstract Worship Background Grid
Grid Network
You get HD and SD!
Abstract Worship Backgrounds
Cellular Stir Abstracts
HD-SD in 1 download
Smoky Abstract Worship Background Outer Space
Smoke and Mirrors
HD & SD in one download!
aurora abstracts in 24 color varieties
Auroral Display (24)
HD & SD in one download!
aurora abstracts in 24 color varieties
Star Curtain (10) HD & SD in one download!
Sonic Tonic High Energy Worship Backgrounds
Sonic Tonic
Motion Backgorunds