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Available in SD (1024x768) and HD (1920x1080) J-pegs... Great for use as Power Point Backgrounds or use in any presentation software. Look for Savings Bundles on just about every page and check out the new "New and Uncategorized Still Backgrounds Bargain Page." Backgrounds will "rest" here for an indeterminate period of time until they are grouped thematically on another page. But while they reside there, they cost only $1.50 each! Buying 10 or more stills? E mail Ken at Vision 111 with the titles and he'll send you a customized Savings Bundle quote composed of the still backgrounds you want.

Also see the new Still Backgrounds Savings Bundles page. See and compare more easily most of the still bundles conveniently gathered on one page.

Landscape Still Backgrounds

Grand Canyon Snag Sunset Worship Background
Sunrise / Sunset Collection #1
Grand Canyon Snag Sunset Worship Background
Text Space
Collection #1
Waterfalls Still Backgrounds
Waterfalls & Whitewater Collection
Flowers Background Stills
Tuliptopia Collection
Tulip-topia Collection
Fall Leaves Collection 1
Autumn Stills and Motion Loopa

Themed Still Backgrounds

Worship or Winter Wedding Background
Still & Motion Media
Easter Palm Sunday Media
Americana & US Flags and Holidays
Easter Palm Sunday Media
Easter & Palm Sunday Media
Halloween Backgrounds
Halloween Motion and Still Media
Blue Marble Earth Golbes
Mother's Day
Motions and Stills
Fall Leaves and Water Worship Backgrounds
Autumn Motion and Still Media


Abstract Stills

Textured Glass Thumbnail
Textured Glass
Still Backgrounds
Gradient Grids
Gradient Grids
Still Backgrounds

(Many, many

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Misc. Stills

Sidewalk Close-Up
Rock and Stone
Photo Backgrounds